Spring is in the air

06th March 2011
This year has got off to a slow start for me as I have not been out with my camera in over two months now! However, this free time has allowed me to try and get my website in order. I am updating captivelandscapes with a lot more photos (old and new) for each county in Ireland. Previously I have been prevented from doing this because my total uploads was capped at 300 but now this is not the case. I am also including a search field for the site and more print options. I also intend to divide the Republic of Ireland up into the various counties as my Irish gallery grows.

Hopefully I shall get back to the south of England this year all being well and explore the beautiful Dorset and the Cornish Coast. Unfortunately fuel costs have scored making it quite expensive to travel anywhere which is always hit or miss affair depending on the weather. Such is the highs and lows of photographing landscapes. The decision to get up early and make the journey or turn over in a warm bed is always a difficult one :) but Its great when you do get to a location and the weather situation turns in your favour.

CaptiveLandscapes is primarily a website which includes Irish and British landscapes but I will also include other country’s as more space is now available. Under the Miscellaneous gallery I will incorporate some creative, still life and a wildlife portfolio as I experiment with different things. Iv bought some new equipment this year and I am eager to try out a few new things.