Photographing Star Trails and strange happenings..

30th March 2009
During the winter/spring I was not doing much photography due to other commitments but I did try a little night photography when I got the chance. One technique was photographing star-trails. Although I was experimenting I did get a few keepers. Nearly every time I headed out to do this was not without incident.

At the legananny dolmen (back end of nowhere)at about 11pm at night I was arousing suspicion from the locals. Next morning police arrived at door asking questions LOL. Ballycopeland Windmill a week later had me standing in a field for two hours trying not to look suspicious or draw attention from framers dog! Heading back to the car there was a little spooky incident with my car I can't really explain.

Again at Inch Abbey standing in pitch darkness for 60+mins beside graveyard and the old ruins I seen something that "twice" pass me.. Ghost! well I really don't know what the hell it was (just a shaded profile moving fast)but I can tell you Iv been alone in the dark photographing many times and never seen anything like that. I never got the shot I wanted because of a little focus shift making the image soft but here is what I was trying to achieve.

Id love to try this again but next time IL maybe bring friend and a little Garlic :) Ooh come on, do I really believe in ghosts.. YES! I bloody do now.