New article section added and updates

04th July 2010
IV added a new article section to my website which I will try to update each month. Hopfully this will make my site alittle more interesting. My friend Penny Pollard will provide some in-depth information on articles relating to scared sites in Ireland.

Penny a graduate from Queen's university Belfast gained M.Phil. in 'Irish and Celtic Perspectives on Life and Death' and a PhD from Queen's..'The Sacred Landscape of Ireland. She has travelled to many sacred sites in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, well as researched and written about the sites. We are currently involved in a joined project concerning the megalithic and scared sites in Ireland.

My visit to Loughcrew in March was for me a trip down memory lane. I obtained the keys of cairn T for the morning shoot and then later that night went back up. I remember visiting this passage tomb some 20 years ago and was always fascinated by the ancient markings on the stones dating back more than 5300 years. Known as the "Hill of the Witch" Loughcrew did get spooky as darkness fell. As I wandered around the ancient stones under the night sky and stared into the ancient passage tomb there was a strange eerie feeling with weird noises and a sense of being watched. I am quite brave in the dark as long as I can make a quick exit and have a source of light.

I usually bring two torches with me when I go out on a night shoot but in haste to catch the light at sunset on the 900ft summit I forgot the second torch! As the first flashlight faded it was becoming pitch dark up there, I reached for my second torch then realised I had left it in the car, shit. To make matters worse I became a little disoriented in the darkness. Few people from the local Loughcrew region would venture to the tombs at night. The hills are believed to be haunted, by banshees, fairy folk, and ghosts.

I zipped up my camera bag and made haste to my descent. I carefully made my way down but I was slipping and losing my footing on the steep incline. Luckily I remembered a little app on my iPhone which acts like a torch and this give me just enough light to find my footing. Anyhow, over the course of the next few weeks I hope to fully update all section of my website with search options and will add "Canvas Wraps" and "Gallery Prints" on 10mm foamex. Also, some of my best images will be available in a super large A1 size (594 x 841 mm).

Cheers Steve.