Exhibition in Tower Gallery

11th November 2014
An exhibition of my work has been up for display at the BCH from 5th November. I am relieved and very please to say that my gallery in the Belfast City Hospital has been a been a big hit with patients, visitors and staff. My plan from last year was to put this up with the bulk if not all of it going to charity in that some of it may be displayed permanently in the Cancer centre or some hospice. Whether their is space allocated we will have to see but I would like to see it going somewhere after the exhibition.

While hanging these pictures on Tuesday night everyone passing was asking the price and if they were for sale. Yes I will sell some of it to cover some of the costs. Also worth mentioning is Iv put my website back online again if people are wanting further orders. No particular reason why I took it down this pass 11 months other than I just wanted a break even though I was still out photographing. Its my hobby and I just don’t like too much pressure on me, if its not fun its not worth doing anymore. Finding the balance, getting outdoors exploring and having time to myself is what I am about. Many thanks for those friends who have liked and followed me on my Facebook page I think its what kept the flame burning for me...