England trip cut short.

30th September 2009
My planned two week trek in September across the south west of England came to an end two days into the trip with the tragic news that my Gran had just suffered a massive heart attack and was not expected to last. I received a phone call shortly after I had just photographed the beautiful Durdle Door in Dorset. Without delay I made my way back home as quick as possible but unfortunatly she died less than 24 hours later. I was very close to my Gran and the news just crushed me. Even at 88 she lived a very full life and definitely one of a kind, Il really miss her.

My plan was to photograph Dorset, Cornwall and possibly Wales and from what I seen it certainly is a photographer's dream down there. I did pass and camped down in Wiltshire on route and visited stonehedge that night with the intention of doing a startrail above it (perfect night for that too). The shenanigans of that night is a story Il tell later but suffice to say I jumped the fench and crossed a framers field in darkness only to find security who where patrolling the site looking for hippies and druids and weirdos (like me I guess)so it never happened. Just had to be herded round with the coach loads the following morning.

Anyhow, what can I say it was an ill-fated trip that was never meant to be this time but hopfully next year. I bought the Canon EOS 5D Mk2 as my main camera and what little use Iv had with it I can see its a superb piece of kit. Id circled many places on the map I was to visit and depending on the weather I would target certain areas. Iv never seen so many serious photographers at one spot as I did at the Durdle Door, it was quite embarrassing as we all lined up doing the same thing. I am not much of a conversationalist just kept my head down and done my own thing. Yep, as Gran would have said "That Stevie one is a bloody odd ball".

Au Revoir