England and Wales trip

02nd May 2011
Just back from my eleven days touring England and Wales. Weather was certainly perfect for camping and despite the absence of clouds most of the days I managed to capture some good shots at certain locations. While departing from Stranraer a lot of driving was involved during the bank holiday season making it tricky on roads and getting camped down some nights. My biggest problem was however arriving at certain locations getting camped and then most of the time racing to certain beauty spots to catch the setting sun. Not knowing the terrain this can be a problem trying to find a certain viewpoint, castle or region of beach. Many things may not be right regarding tides, position of sun and of course a lot of tourists.

All in all a good holiday if not a little tiring at times. Quite a few things I had to give a miss because of tight schedule. Next time I cross over to Britain I will just concentrate on one region only. I zigzagged across from Northumberland, Lake district and then Yorkshire Dales then down to Dorset, across to Cornwell and then drove through Wales to depart ferry at Holyhead.
Holidays over and I am back to boring work so I will be processing a couple of images each night and upload to my website. Met a lot of nice photographers on the way, I will upload there website links soon.