Website update

22nd January 2012
Another new year has started and I was hoping to hike and explore the Mourne Mountain region in Co. Down to start the year off. Unfortunately due to a knee injury just before Christmas which put me out of work that endeavour will just have to wait as even after a number of weeks It is still weak. I have used the spare time to update my website and weed out quite a few images and work on a few old ones from the archives. I am now offering Canvas print options to the site as this medium is becoming very popular today.

Another one of my hobbies beside photography is astronomy and the recent BBC TV program with Professor Brian Cox “stargazing” has aroused my interest again. So the telescope and binoculars have been out this month. Iv taken many photographs off the moon with my camera through the telescope with amazing results but planets are a different story. Unless you have a motorised equatorial mount this would not be very successful. I do sketch down what I see in a logbook which Iv had for many years, here is a few examples of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars on nights of good seeing.

Not sure what I got planned for this year in regards to trips and holidays but I was hoping of maybe another trip to the south of England and maybe Norway as I may have to attend a wedding this year. I was thinking of maybe putting on a gallery of my work for charity somewhere so I shall look into that and keep you posted if I get a venue.